The Rooster Rockit

“Wow, wow, wow. I was curious, I wanted to always have a hands free orgasm- now I know what I was missing- intense.  Loved every minute from start to finish. Just as promised, started off limp, it tickled me in ways I never had before, got super hard and shot a huge load- almost right into my own face!”

-James, N Dakota

“My wife wanted me to buy her one of those riding vibrators. Luckily I did some research and found the Rooster Rockit.  For a fraction of the cost I got to be the vibrating “machine.” Not only did my wife love riding real flesh and have her clit tickled intensely, I loved being part of the action. I cum so hard and she wipes my cum all over her tits and stomach and cums usually 3 or 4 times! Thx Rockit.”

-Ted and Jane, Texas

“I go to nude beaches and love to watch the ladies spread and tease all the on lookers.  Now I slide this under my sweats or jumbo shorts and tickle my cock while I innocently watch and fantasize.  I usually can get out two or three cums before the day is over. I bought a spare so if this one runs out I keep another in the car.”

-Don, Florida

“I got this for my husband; so if we couldn’t make love I didn’t feel bad.  I have a very sensitive vagina and 2 out of three sexual sessions end up hurting too much so we cannot complete or love making. We both end up disappointed.  Once I found this I discovered a way we could both be close and cum. The Rooster Rockit is a fantastic way for couples to climax together and both feel complete. Thank you for helping us stay connected.”

-Beth and Jim, California.